Padre, liberanos de nuestros pecados
Homeless; soulless?
Black Lives Matter
The Future Is Uncertain, The Well of Time is Endless...
Self-Portrait #27
Self-Portrait #26
Woman in a Coral Scarf
Sideview of a man
Birth and Rebirth
Life in Time (Goddess)
Meditation No.2
The Dialectic
Trotsky, Red Background
Space/Time/Matter/Energy No.1
Space/Time/Matter/Energy No.2
Let Them Eat Chaos
Alien Life
A Blackhole
The 'Qi'
Cries and Hope
Witches at The Steak
Unconscious,  in Time
Mexican militia man
Milicianas- Guerra Civil EspaƱola
Hey, Lenin!
Lenin and his cat
Executing Christ (Spanish Civil War)
Miliciana (RevoluciĆ³n Mexicana)
Trotsky (Dotwork)